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Current Goal: Use radical empathy to drive innovation and system change in Hawai‘i’s energy landscape.

I believe that design could be a profound tool in reimagining the way that Hawai'i produces and consumes energy. Insight from the people of Hawai'i in the development of these transitions is crucial in a location that has historically been decided for and not decided with.

I am currently spending the summer in Hawai'i, need-finding around the idea

of community driven energy. I am most interested in how community

needs and values can be incorporated into the project design process

to ensure that renewable energy development aligns with Hawai'i's vision

for itself. Community owned energy can provide financial benefits

to rate-payers who traditionally don't have access to renewable energy

benefits, such as renters, low-income home owners, and residents

living in apartment building. Community designed energy ensures that

energy projects align with residents' values and can help streamline

the permitting and public outreach process down the line. I am

exploring what successful community owned and community designed

energy projects could look like in the state. If you have any thoughts, I would be happy to hear them! Please email me at andrewsa(at)stanford(dot)edu!